Thursday, 4 March 2010

Favourite Food

1. Pizza
I love pretty much all Italian food but you just can't beat a good Pizza. Pepperoni's my fave although Pizza Express do many great ones that I still have yet to try : D

2. Cereal & Milk
Yep, cereal. I practically lived off the stuff at Uni. By cereal, I mean the non-disgusting kinds like Frosties & Frosted Shreddies. I don't mean Special K. Don't be fooled by their adverts! Their healthy food does NOT taste good and will NOT replace your craving for junk food. All lies!

3. Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream
Like most girls i'm a chocoholic so I was ORIGINALLY going to say Cadbury's Chocolate, but as they've BETRAYED my hometown of Birmingham by giving into the Kraft corporation, I'm going to stick two fingers up and choose Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream instead. Now, Ice Cream in general is great but B&J's beats all the rest. So many delicious flavours! Argh, why did I start this post! It's just making me hungry.

4. Cake
You're never too old for birthday cake.

5. Olives
I first tried olives when I was about 10 and hated them. Tried them again 8 years later and LOVED them. What a fool I was!

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