Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Top 15 Countries I'd Like To Visit

  1. NEW ZEALAND - It looks pretty spectacular in LOTR and The Chronicles of Narnia
  2. JAPAN - I'd like to see the modern and traditional sides of it. It's a country that's so ahead in some aspects but it still has a rich history and past.
  3. ITALY - I've been to Rome before but I was only there for just under 2 days so I don't really feel like I did it justice. I didn't get a chance to see The Vatican, for example. I'd love to see more of that city and country. Great architecture, art and food. What more could a girl ask for?!
  4. SWEDEN - Not entirely sure why. It just seems like somewhere that's a little bit off the beaten track and "different".
  5. USA - I've love to check out the cities there - New York, Washington D.C, Chicago, New Orleans, San Francisco, Los Angeles, etc - and Stephen Fry's documentary made me want to go even more. Hopefully I could spot a celebrity or two as well!
  6. SOUTH AFRICA - Because it seems like an interesting mix of African and Western cultures.
  7. SPAIN - For Barcelona and to see the non-touristy parts of it. I'd avoid Benidorm like the plague.
  8. THAILAND - Purely because the beaches look really nice in photographs!
  9. GERMANY - For Berlin.
  10. CANADA - Mostly for the same reason as Thailand. Because it looks really nice in photographs.
  11. FRANCE - I've been to Paris but i'd like to learn the language and see more of the country.
  12. SWITZERLAND - For the mountains
  13. AUSTRIA - For Vienna & because I had a friend who went and loved it
  14. IRELAND - I haven't been in years and I'd like to see it again
  15. AUSTRALIA - Neighbours! Skippy! Chazzwozzers!
Honourary Mention: England. I'd quite like to see more of my own country. That includes Scotland as well.

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