Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Important Dates in My Diary!

Below is a list of stuff that I am psyched about! If I had written this post two weeks ago I would have put The Dark Knight Rises on but I've seen it now (and it was incredible!)

13th August 2012: Brave is released.
17th-21st August: I'm going to the Momentum festival in Somerset.
25th August 2012: Doctor Who series 7 is on TV.
27th September 2012: J.K. Rowling's new book The Casual Vacancy is out.
29th September 2012: Merlin Series 5 is on TV.
3rd November 2012: Seeing the Les Miserables stage version for the second time on the West End.
14th December 2012: The Hobbit is released.
2013: Sherlock series 3 comes on TV (hopefully!)
11th January 2013: the Les Miserables film is released. Two days before my birthday!
22nd March 2013: Seeing the Phantom of the Opera 25th anniversary tour (for the second time) in Birmingham.
17th May 2013: Star Trek 2 is released.
8th November 2013: Thor 2: The Dark World is released.
22nd November 2013: Catching Fire is released.
13th December 2013: The Hobbit 2 is released.
17th July 2014: X Men: First Class 2 is released.

If anything else comes up between these dates I might just put that in here as well.

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