Thursday, 30 August 2012

Things My Dream Home Must Have

A Library
This is my bookshelf. I'm quite proud of it. It's a decent size, it's got most of my favourite books all in one place and it's where my teddies and toy animals hang out. You are never too old for these! However, as you can see it's overflowing a wee bit and what I'd really love is my own library. 

As far as I'm concerned every true bookworm wants their own library. I remember being blown away as a kid when the Beast gave Belle his library in Disney's Beauty and the Beast. It must be one of the most romantic gestures of all time! I guess that library is the library I've always had in mind for my dream house but I found this pretty cool blog entry the other day that has lots of gorgous photos of real-life libraries from around the world: Have a click on it because the photos are well worth checking out!

A bathroom with lots of natural light and either a standalone, clawfooted bath....

...or a bath that's sunken into the floor.

A spacious wardrobe or better yet, a dressing room.

A lovely, wild garden....

....with a river at the bottom.

A traditional fireplace 
This fireplace would be connected to the Floo network.

A Victorian style room where I can drink tea (not coffee!) with my friends. 

And finally, a secret doorway that leads to an underground passage and my own secret lair (a la Batman, Harry Potter's Room of Requirement and Phantom of the Opera)!


Anonymous said...

Your dream home is almost exactly the same as my dream home! May I make an additional suggestion? A private cinema room complete with Ben&Jerrys stocked freezer and comfy armchairs.

Indigo Montoya said...

Yes! I knew I'd left something out!

Calvin said...

If I’m going to have my own house, there must be a den or a studio to house my paintings and sculptures. I wouldn’t need some grandiose furniture and fixtures—just those that are functional. And if there’s some luxury, it would be Zen-like bath that’s same as your 4th pic.

Calvin Mordarski

Indigo Montoya said...

Hi Calvin, a studio would be a great thing to have if you're artistic (I'm not) and I think it's awesome that you paint and make sculptures. But you should definitely leave room for some luxury! : )

Erick Bush said...

Indeed, every bookworm wants their own library. We have the same idea for dream house facilities; except mine would be the masculine version of yours. I like Victorian style too; I’m always adding some touch of that fashion wherever I live. Sadly, that can’t be possible in my current shabby apartment for now. In a few years, I’ll be able to afford my dream house and I’ll pimp it exactly the way I want it.

Erick Bush

Calvin said...

Thanks for that. But actually, bathroom is my own definition of "luxury". Haha! I mean, this is my favorite part of the house so it should be the star of my house.