Sunday, 9 September 2012

The Aristocats (1970)

The Aristocats is set in Paris and the surrounding French countryside in the year 1910. An English butler called Edgar finds out that his wealthy employer is planning to leave her cats everything in her will. The cats consist of Duchess and her three kittens called Marie, Toulouse and Berlioz. Edgar will only get to inherit the money when the cats die. Edgar is fairly annoyed about this and feels that by the time the cats die he'll be too old to appreciate the money, so he decides to get rid of them. This leads to a chase sequence between Edgar and two crazy dogs which is quite funny. After that the film basically consists of the cats trying to get back home to their owner's house in Paris. Along the way they meet a street-smart alley cat called Thomas O'Malley who is voiced by Phil Harris (who also did the voice of Baloo in The Jungle Book). O'Malley helps the cats out and has a romance with Duchess, and along the way the cats meet a number of other characters as well.

I really enjoyed this film as a child but after re-watching it as an adult I'm sad to say that I actually found it boring and bland. The characters don't have much depth and the plot just isn't very interesting. The songs are annoying aside from Everybody Wants to Be a Cat. Also, Edgar is far too sympathetic! Edgar never actually tries to kill the cats. At first he tries to abandon them and then later on he tries to ship them off to Timbuktu. Also, he has a point! Wouldn't you be annoyed if you'd been a loyal servant for years only to find out that a bunch of cats were going to inherit money in a will before you?!

The Aristocats is beautifully-animated and has some nice moments but it's definitely not one of my favourite Disney films.

Rating: 2.5/5
Film Cerificate Rating: U

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