Tuesday, 26 February 2013

'Jamaica Inn' by Daphne du Maurier (1936)

Synopsis: the young Cornishwoman Mary Yellan honours her mother's deathbed request by going to live with her relatives at their inn on Bodmin Moor. At Jamaica Inn, Mary meets her timid Aunt Patience and her aunt's abusive husband, Joss Merlyn. Mary then becomes involved, against her will, in her uncle's villainous schemes and finds herself falling in love with Joss's handsome, mysterious, younger brother.

I love Daphne du Maurier when she's on good form but she wasn't on good form with this book. I was really disappointed with Jamaica Inn. The book has a decent premise and a promising opening but the story quickly becomes boring, tedious and predictable with a "twist" that you can spot coming a mile off. I couldn't stand the heroine, Mary Yellan, either. She's supposed to be plucky and independent but instead I just found her annoying, obnoxious and one-dimensional. Her stupid decisions and actions infuriated me. All of the other characters in the book are underdeveloped and the romance aspect of the story is unsatisfying because there's zero passion or love between Mary and Jem Merlyn. I wouldn't recommend Jamaica Inn, instead I'd recommend other du Maurier books: Rebecca, My Cousin Rachel and The Scapegoat (and in that order). They have far more mystery, intrigue and suspense .

Rating: 2/5

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