Saturday, 22 June 2013

Why I Want an 'Emma' Vlog

Even though I was initially very sceptical about it I absolutely loved The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. I usually have a lot of sceptism about modern-day updates but the LBD is fantastic! Not only has it become one of my favourite Jane Austen adaptations it might even be my favourite Pride and Prejudice adaptation now (gasp!) However I'm really not feeling Hank Green and Bernie Su's new adaptation of Sanditon. There's been barely any plot and there have been far too many boring fan videos. Thankfully this is only supposed to be a short series to keep us going until the next web series comes along - whatever that might be. In this short post I just want to say why I think Jane Austen's Emma should be their next adaptation.

I know, I know, I know. There have been lots of Emma adaptations already and the last Emma adaptation only came out four years ago. I adore both the Gwyneth Paltrow and the Romola Garai versions and if I heard that there was going to be a new period drama of the book I'd be really annoyed. But Emma could work so brilliantly as a web series and out of all of Austen's books it seems by far the obvious choice to me. Emma might not be as famous as Pride and Prejudice but it's still one of Austen's most popular and beloved novels. Emma has a very similar tone to Pride and Prejudice in that they're both mostly light-hearted and funny. Emma Woodhouse is very similar to Elizabeth Bennet in that they're both witty, self-confident and feisty - and I can very easily imagine Emma as a vlogger! It would be very easy to adapt the story into the modern-day. In fact it's already been done twice. A Bollywood film version called Aisha came out in 2010 and of course there's the film Clueless. I'm actually not a fan of Clueless but Hank Green and Bernie Su could very easily do Emma justice without making it anything like that film. After all the LBD is nothing like Bride and PrejudiceBridget Jones' Diary or Lost in Austen. And a web series of Emma could include characters from the book that Clueless left out. We could actually see Miss Taylor and Mr Weston, Miss and Mrs Bates, Jane Fairfax, Mrs Elton, John and Isabella Knightley and their children! Emma has also got enough of a plot for them to tell the story over a year like they did with Pride and Prejudice. There's even room for spin-off vlogs! Jane Fairfax could get a vlog of her own perhaps. If Green and Su adapted Emma it would be a brilliant choice and I'd be really excited about watching it.

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Indigo Montoya said...
I got my wish! Yay!