Monday, 26 August 2013

Cabin Pressure (Series Four)

Cabin Pressure is the best sitcom that's currently out there and it deserves to be so much more famous than it is. Although Cabin Pressure has developed a passionate cult following and has always been critically-acclaimed it still isn't very a well-known show. This is a huge shame because for me this radio show is right up there with the classic sitcoms Blackadder and Father Ted. Yes, it is that good!

Series four of Cabin Pressure is - to quote Arthur Knapp-Shappey - "BRILLIANT!" My favourite episodes of this series are probably Vaduz and Xinzhou but all of them are great. There are a couple of very impressive guest stars in this series as well. Fawlty Towers legend Prunella Scales shows up in Wokingham as Martin's mother. Anthony Stewart Head is in two episodes as well because his character Herc Shipwright is now Carolyn's boyfriend. Cabin Pressure is pure comedy gold and it's still a joy to listen to. It's clever, hilariously funny and the cast is as great as ever. Also, one of the things that I love most about Cabin Pressure is that it's truly an ensemble show. All of the characters are extremely likeable and get their fair share of funny moments. Here are some of my favourite moments from the show in general :)

I freely admit that I would have probably never even heard of Cabin Pressure if it wasn't for Benedict Cumberbatch starring in it but now I'm a huge fan of the show itself. Judging from the cliffhanger ending to Yverdon-les-Bains it looks like Cumberbatch might not be coming back for more episodes but even if he doesn't I'll still be listening to it regardless. I'm not going to lie. In my selfishness I'd love for Cumberbatch to stay on and do more episodes but having said that I'm also very grateful that he stayed on for as long as he did! Even after Sherlock came out and he suddenly became a huge star he still managed to find the time to come back and record another two series of Cabin Pressure. This last series of Cabin Pressure was recorded after he'd finished Star Trek into Darkness. It really says a lot about Cumberbatch's loyalty, and the quality of the show, that he was still willing to do this. I don't think series five of Cabin Pressure has been officially confirmed but I read a quote from John Finnemore somewhere where he said that he'd never intended for Yverdon-les-Bains to be the last ever episode of the show. This gives me hope that there'll be another series or at least one more Christmas episode or something. They can't end the show on a cliffhanger! They have to give us some closure!

I completely recommend Cabin Pressure because it's a fantastic show. It's brilliantly-written, brilliantly-acted and is absolutely hilarious. Trust me, listen to it! You won't regret it! Even if you're not usually a big radio listener please don't let that put you off. Not only is Cabin Pressure a superb show it will force you to use your imagination, which is one of the things that I really like about radio shows. In that sense radio is a much closer medium to literature than theatre, cinema and television. 

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