Monday, 21 October 2013

Because 'The Day of the Doctor' Trailer Deserves Its Own Blog Post

I wouldn't usually feel compelled to write a blog post about a trailer but dangnabit The Day of the Doctor trailer is so awesome that I feel I have to! It's amazing and a work of art! It's the most creative and interesting trailer that I've ever seen, it looks incredibly artistic and beautiful, the remix of the theme music is great, it has a brilliantly cryptic and tantalising voiceover from Matt Smith, it leaves you feeling hugely excited about the show's 50th anniversary, and yet it spoils absolutely nothing about the episode! Bravo BBC, bravo! I've watched this trailer over and over again during the past weekend and I still get the shivers - and so much love for the show has obviously gone into this thing. TV show-makers and Hollywood film-makers really need to pay attention to this trailer because we need far more like it in this world! In fact if this is the only trailer for the episode that the BBC releases then I'd be perfectly happy with that. A part of me is hoping that they won't show any footage of The Day of the Doctor at all now because it will add to the episode's mystique. Having said that, I'm sure that when the BBC inevitably releases some footage that I'll end up caving in and watching it with all of the other fans!

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