Saturday, 16 November 2013

Why Winter is My Favourite Season

Winter is my favourite season. Here are the reasons why. 

1. The fashion

I much prefer winter fashion over summer fashion. I love wearing cosy jumpers, scarves, coats and jackets. I always feel a slight sense of despair trying to pick out clothes in the summer that aren't crop tops or skimpy shorts.

2. There are fewer annoying insects.
haaaaate wasps! They terrify me! I don't like bees either. I'm not as scared of them as I am with wasps but if one was in my house I'd still be quite freaked out. We occasionally get earwigs coming into our house during the summer months and they freak me out as well. Oh, and I can't stand flies! Sure they can't sting you but they're still as annoying as hell. 

3. Staying in
I think there must be some sort of a correlation between being an introvert and preferring the indoors. I'm an introvert and one of the things that I love about winter is that there's less pressure to go out. To be honest I tend to be happiest spending the night reading a book or watching a film with a nice cup of tea than going out and socialising. This is much easier to get away with in Autumn or Winter because the weather puts people off from going out. But come the warmer months and suddenly everyone is saying "Oh, look how lovely it is outside! Let's all go out!"

4. Snow
Yes, snow has its bad points. It slows public transport down and when it starts to melt it gets icy and slippery and scary. And yet I still can't help but get excited when I look out the window and see snow on the ground.

5. The clocks go backward
Yay! An extra hour in bed!

6. Christmas
I don't think I even need to give an explanation for this one do I? :)

7. German Christmas Markets
Over the past decade or so German-themed Christmas markets have become more and more common in Britain and now most major cities and towns have them. The one in my town can get horrendously busy but it's still a great place to drink mulled wine and eat waffles, bratwurst and ostrich burgers (yes, really).

8. My Birthday
I'm a winter baby :) My birthday is on the 13th of January and I actually share it with a friend of mine which is really cool.


Hamlette said...

I love winter too! I love, love, love snow. Now that I live in Virginia, we don't get much, and I miss it. Most adults find this very odd, but I actually like shoveling snow, and I love watching it fall and playing in it. Kids understand, at least.

One difference between us, though, is that I love the outdoors, yet I'm an introvert. But I like being outside alone. Off in the woods or out in the middle of a field, nobody else around. Now that I live in a city (and have kids), that pretty much never happens anymore, but I spent a lot of my childhood playing outside by myself, and I miss that.

Those German-themed Christmas markets sound awesome! I'm half-German, and I love bratwurst and stollen and marzipan and lebkuchen... :-9

Banríon An Gheimhridh said...

Same! I love winter! Summer is too hot, too sunny, and I have to worry more about getting sun burned.

And I agree with #2, as well. I have a fear of insects in general, but I especially get nervous around bees and wasps.

Ugh, socializing. It's not that I dislike other people, usually, but I am socially awkward and I dislike when I get into a conversation with someone I don't know very well. I never know what to say or how to act. And sometimes I have an expressionless face, then the person talking to me feels awkward because I'm not responding very much, and then we both feel awkward and there's an awkward silence.

I'm an introvert too so I understand why you prefer the indoors. I hate when people want to go out all the time during warm weather, because I want to stay inside where it's not as hot.

You are so lucky to have snow! Where I live there's hardly any rain, let alone snow.

German-themed Christmas markets sound lovely. I've never seen one before.

Your birthday's in January? That's awesome! :D

Sarah said...

I don't think winter is my favorite season, although I'm very glad it's here right now, and you make some very convincing points! I definitely agree that winter fashion is much more fun! I love scarves... scarves are the best.

Hannah said...

It's really nice to find some winter fans!

Hamlette - I still enjoy snow. I don't love it as much as I did when I was a kid sadly but I still find it aesthetically pleasing :) And now that you've mentioned that you like being alone outdoors that's got me thinking. I DO really like wandering around cities by myself. I'm a city girl born and bred and I actually really enjoy just walking around and going on the subway. Not talking to anyone, just observing things and people. Ooh, you're half-German! I love Germany! This isn't something that most English people would admit to but it's actually one of my favourite countries.

Banrion - Thanks for stopping by :) It's comforting to know that someone shares my insect phobia. I can pretty socially awkward at times as well too and I know the pain of facial expressions. I think I must have a naturally melancholy look. People will sometimes ask me if everything's OK even if I'm feeling completely fine! It's one of the reasons why I hate being photographed. I love that my birthday is in January! Everyone complains about how there's nothing to look forward to after Christmas and New Year's and I'm like "What are you talking about?! It's my birthday, people!" :D

Sarah - Winter is definitely my favourite season but I do enjoy Spring and Autumn as well. Summer is easily my least favourite but even that has some good points. There isn't really a season that I hate. And, yes, scarves are cool (said in 11th Doctor voice) :D

Hamlette said...

Yup, half-German and half-Dutch, though several generations removed from the old countries. My great-grandparents and great-great-grandparents came over in the late 1800s. I do have some markedly German traits, though, like stubbornness, a penchant for organization, a tendency to be bossy, and a love of closed doors. I also have some Dutch traits, like my affinity for almonds.

Hannah said...

I haven't spoken to many Dutch people so I'm not really in a position to comment about their traits. I share a lot of the German traits though. That must be why I love Germans so much! :D

I have a grandfather who came over from the West Indies but I never met him and I see myself as completely English. I do have darker skin than most people in Britain do though. When I go to foreign countries like France and Spain people often think I'm a local until they hear me speak.

Mizzie-Me said...

I'm a total winter child, and usually I feel like I'm the only one who likes this season, so it's nice to know we have this in common :D Christmas is my favourite holiday by far and it lights up the couple of annoying autumn months that precede it. My birthday is the 8th of December, so maybe that's why I was born to love winter. Here in Finland, and the area whee I live, we had this year's first snowfall yesterday! And I whooped and jumped around like an overexcited kid! The only downside to winter that I can think of is that over here, the days get REALLY short in December. At its worst, the sun rises around 10 a.m. and sets already around 3 p.m. and I'm not even exaggerating :D But at least I live in the south of Finland – in Lapland, there's a period of time when the sun doesn't rise at all.

Hannah said...

Oh I know! I'm much more cheerful during the winter months. Almost everyone I know loves summer the most out of all the seasons but I loooove winter. I'm much more cheerful during the winter months.

Wow, you really don't get very much sunlight at all during December! Now I'm interested in how much darkness you get during the summer. And how do you sleep?! I really struggle sleeping during the day but I suppose you must get used to it after a while?

Mizzie-Me said...

Haha, the amount of daylight IS a bit of a problem in the summer :D At least for a person like me whose energy level correlates with light. The sun doesn't set at all in Midsummer night, and all through the summer it feels almost like you're sleeping in the day. And no, I have never got used to it... I just try to shut out the light with thick, dark curtains, but mostly I end up staying up till 3 a.m.-ish anyway, which is kind of okay because I simply don't get tired in the summer.