Monday, 27 January 2014

10 Actors I'd Love to Hear in a Disney Film

I've made a Top 10 list of actors that I'd love to voice characters in a Disney film :) The actors aren't necessarily in order though. Oh and honorary mentions are Anne Hathaway, Amanda Seyfried, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Kate Winslet, Ramin Karimloo, Hadley Fraser... there are a lot of actors that I could have easily added to this list!

1. Aaron Tveit
Erm, do I even need to explain this one? He's got the pure Disney prince voice!

2. Sierra Boggess
Sierra's voice is just so pure and beautiful and even though she's a brilliant coloratura soprano she's also got a terrific belt. She puts so much emotion into her voice. I love her Ariel and her Christine Daae and her Fantine. I'd love her to voice a Disney heroine!

3. Samantha Barks
I love her in Les Miserables and Oliver! and I really don't want her new-found movie fame to fade away. I'd love for her to voice a Disney heroine in one of their movies. I also reckon she'd make a great Belle in the stage version of Beauty and the Beast :)

4. Lara Pulver
Lara Pulver is probably most famous for playing Irene Adler in Sherlock but she's an experienced musical theatre actress and an Olivier Award nominee. She has a great voice and I'd love for her to play a Disney villain!

5. Arthur Darvill
Darvill is most famous for playing Rory Williams in Doctor Who. He hasn't got a very traditional Disney prince voice at all but he's still a great singer and I love his voice. And he's recently done a stint in the Broadway production of Once so he is a musical theatre performer now!

6. Nick Pitera
OK I've completely cheated with this one because Nick Pitera isn't an actor. In case you're not familiar with Nick Pitera he's a very popular YouTube singer. I'm not entirely sure about this choice because I don't know if he can actually act. But he has such a brilliant voice and he has a spectacular range. And he actually works for Pixar! It's his day job. So they could actually get him to animate and sing in a Disney film! How awesome would that be?!

7. Hugh Laurie
I'm fairly certain that Hugh Laurie has never done musical theatre but he's a brilliant actor and he has released a couple of blues albums (which are great according to my friends who've heard them). Also he'd make such a great Disney villain! As an actor he's so versatile that I can easily imagine him as a very suave and quietly menacing Shere Khan-like villain and as a more comedic villain like Captain Hook or Hades.

8. Neil Patrick Harris
In addition to being a Broadway star, Neil Patrick Harris is a fantastic comedy actor and should definitely voice a comic side character in a Disney film.

9. Laura Osnes
Like Sierra Boggess, Laura Osnes has a very pure and beautiful voice. I'm not as big a fan of Laura Osnes as I am with Sierra Boggess because I've only heard her in one role (Cinderella). I do really love her voice though and it's very Disney-esque. It would also be great for her to voice a character in a Disney film because her Cinderella co-star Santino Fontana got to voice Hans in Frozen.

10. Benedict Cumberbatch
Benedict Cumberbach isn't a technically great singer and I'm slightly concerned that he might end up being typecast for playing villains - but he really would make a wonderful Disney villain! His singing in Neverwhere is so marvellously creepy and ominous, his acting sells the song so well. I also love the haunting background music that the YouTube user has provided.

So, what about you? Do you agree with any of my choices? And is there anyone else you'd like to voice a character in a Disney film?


Mizzie-Me said...

YES, Neil Patrick Harris, I completely agree! (just the thought of him in a Disney film is almost making me hyperventilate...) I also completely fell in love with Aaron Tveit's voice AGAIN when I re-watched Les Mis, and Sierra Boggess would be great... And Hugh Laurie as a villain... Basically, your whole list is pretty awesome!

Hannah said...

Cheers! :D