Tuesday, 7 January 2014

A Film Critic I Deeply Respect

Mark Kermode is my favourite film critic. He writes for The Observer, is a vlogger, and does a two hour weekly radio show for the BBC (which is also filmed). Kermode describes himself as a a feminist, a near vegetarian, an Anglican and a massive horror film fan. He's also good friends with the actor Jason Isaacs. They went to school together and Isaacs has often guest-starred on his radio show. Mark Kermode is my favourite film critic because his reviews are just so entertaining - especially his rants which are quite famous! He'll rip the films that he hates to shreds! Some of his rants have literally made me cry from laughter! I've embedded some my favourite film rants from him below. I don't always agree with Kermode's reviews but I love his sense of humour and his passion for cinema.

The Holiday



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