Monday, 20 January 2014

A J.R.R. Tolkien Biopic is in the Works

I'm cautiously optimistic about this announcement. If it's done well it could be a beautiful film but I'm also feeling a bit nervous because, much like Jane Austen, Tolkien didn't have a particularly exciting life and that might not make for very good drama. I'm also a bit worried that they might take liberties regarding his Catholic beliefs, love life, etc. Any thoughts?


Ruby Danderfluff said...

Ehhhh. I hear what you're saying about boring backstories! Ultimately, Hollywood has no problem with completely overhauling a person's life to make it more interesting for the screen; but that also usually means tarnishing their character. Bad news, especially since Tolkien was such a wonderful person, as far as I can tell.

(I wonder if they'll include C.S. Lewis in this story! Hard not to mention one without the other.)

I also hope they wouldn't try to make the argument that Middle Earth is just one big analogy for WWII (something that's been tried before.) Tolkien hated analogies, and said so frequently. I recall reading somewhere that he instead set out to create his own fictional history (and ended up with a HUGE mythology and series of languages.) To say he pulled a mirror image of whatever he saw around him really degrades the stunning originality in his work, imho.

On another note, from what I've read, his relationship with his wife was a very sweet and enduring one. It'd be really nice to see something like that onscreen.

Who on earth do you think they're going to cast for Tolkien? o.O

(I vote Ian Holm.)

Hannah said...

Oh, I completely agree with your first point! And I really, really want them to cast C.S. Lewis in the film. It would be really strange if they didn't.

I hadn't even considered that they could suggest Tolkien's work was a big analogy for WWII but now you've pointed that out I'm even more concerned!

Your Ian Holm suggestion is brilliant! I love that casting choice! He could play an older Tolkien who is looking back on his life.