Wednesday, 12 February 2014

The Poetry and Prose Reading Post

This post was inspired by a Tumblr post I saw the other day. I very much recommend clicking on it! I just thought I'd embed some of my favourite readings from that list over here. I think you should have a pretty great half an hour! :D

Tom Hiddleston reads Sonnet 130 by William Shakespeare. I reeeally need to read more of Shakespeare's Sonnets!

Matthew Macfadyden reads Pride and Prejudice (an extract) by Jane Austen. He's got to do a full audiobook version at some point!

Benedict Cumberbatch reads Jaberwocky by Lewis Carroll

Richard Armitage reads Upon Westminster Bridge by William Wordsworth. I love the poem itself and Richard's reading if it. It's just such a shame that there's elevator music in the background! :(

Andrew Scott reads Master Speed by Robert Frost

David Tennant reads Sonnet 2 by William Shakespeare

Tom Hiddleston reads From the Princess by Lord Alfred Tennyson

Sir Christopher Lee reads The Raven by Edgar Allan Poe. Whoever thought to get Sir Christopher to do a recording of this poem is a genius!


Hamlette said...


That sonnet is one of my favorites, but I had almost forgotten it. Tom Hiddleston should just read ALL of Shakespeare's sonnets and we could buy them as MP3s or on CD and listen to them to our hearts' delight.

What is it about a British guy's voice? So lovely. Cumberbatch could read the back of the cereal box and make it interesting.

And why hasn't Matthew MacFadyen done a P&P audiobook? Or Colin Firth?

We have a CD of music inspired by LOTR that has Sir Christopher reading selections of LOTR along with some of the songs, and wow, LOVE his voice too!

Hannah said...


Tom Hiddleston is such a Shakespeare fanboy that I COULD actually see him doing a recording of all of Shakespeare's sonnets to be honest!

I can't think why Colin Firth or Matthew MacFadyen haven't done a P&P audiobook either. I'm sure if either of them recorded an audiobook of the book that it would be a huge bestseller!

Wow, I'd love to hear Christopher Lee reading LOTR! I'll have to see if a kind Youtuber has put any of those selections up. Did you know that Christopher Lee actually met Tolkien once? :)

Hamlette said...

Yeah, Lee is quite the Tolkien fan. He or someone else mentioned in the extras for one of the LOTR movies that he has read the whole trilogy every year pretty much since it came out.

The CD is called "At Dawn in Rivendell" and is by The Tolkien Ensemble. It's mostly songs and poems from the books, set to music. I gave it to my hubby a few years ago, either for his birthday or Valentine's Day, I forget which.

Hannah said...

Christopher Lee is ridiculously cool :D Thanks for the info on that CD. It sounds very interesting and I'm sure your husband really appreciated it.