Saturday, 26 July 2014

The Bucket List Tag

Hamlette of Hamlette's Soliloquy and The Edge of the Precipice has tagged me for the Bucket List Tag. For this tag each person lists 10 things that they want to do before they die and then they pass it on to five of their friends. Okay, in no particular order, I want to...

Have my own home library

Visit New Zealand

Visit India

Visit South Africa. My brother's going to Cape Town in November. I'm so excited for him but argh, so jealous!

Visit New York

Learn fluent French

Go Zorbing

Get a second tattoo. I just used this picture as an example, the tattoo isn't one I'd necessarily have. 

Read all of the 60 canonical Sherlock Holmes stories

Read all of Georgette Heyer's Regency romance novels

Edit: I also really want to go to San Diego comic con! I didn't include it in this list because I wanted to pick reasonably realistic things and I don't think the chances of me going to SDCC are realistic - but it would be an amazing experience!

And now I tag:

  • Mizzie of Music and My Mind
  • Samara of Wait + Hope
  • Bookwormans of Complete and Unabridged
  • And anyone else who wants to do this tag! :D You're supposed to tag five people for this challenge but I couldn't think of anyone else to tag who hadn't already done the list. 


Hamlette said...

Great list! I can't believe I forgot to put visiting New Zealand on my list.

I have my own home library, I've been to NYC twice, and I've read the whole Holmes canon -- I heartily recommend the library and the canon, but NYC... I leave to people who like cities :-)

bookwormans said...

Lots of fun things on your list. Thanks for the tag! You can find my list here:

Hannah said...

Hamlette - You have your own home library?! You're living the dream! :D I'd spend all my time in a library if I had one. It's hard to explain to non book readers how calming being around books can be.

Bookwormans - Thanks! :)

Hamlette said...

Yes, I'm definitely living the dream. We have a room in our house we call the library, and it contains 5 book cases, a love seat, a piano, and two tables covered in Legos :-)

Manette said...

Hi, I changed my username to Manette (you'll probably know where that comes from :D) but it's still the same ol' blogger from Music & My Mind! Thanks for the challenge, I made my list :) You've got really great things in yours, and I can totally empathize with wanting to visit all those places РI could fill a Les Mis̩rables sized bucket list with places I want to see! Thumbs up for your wish to learn French. It's really not so complicated and impossible as most people think it is РI believe there is very little difference between the "difficulty" levels of languages. They're just different, that's all! French is great to learn because whatever you say sounds beautiful in my opinion!

Hannah said...

Hamlette - Ah, you have a piano as well. Very nice :) I don't know how you manage to leave that room!

Manette - I do know where your name comes from but to my shame it took me a few minutes to remember *where* I knew it from :D

I want to travel sooo badly. It took me a real effort to not include Venice, Iceland, Prague, Budapest, San Francisco, Sydney, Hong Kong and Japan onto the list!

Yes, French really is beautiful. That and Italian are probably my two favourite languages. German sounds really nice when it's sung as well. I think it's all the "ish" sounds. It lends itself very well to music I think.

Ruby Danderfluff said...

Great list! We had some friends who lived in an old art deco home with its own library painted in a sage green with leather furniture and a secret door to the adjoining bedroom. So lovely!

I'd love to get into Georgette Heyer's regency novels. Which one would you recommend for a newbie?

Hannah said...

Ruby - That room sounds heavenly!

I've read 7 of Georgette Heyer's novels so far which might sound like a lot until you realise that Heyer wrote about 50 novels. I still think of myself as a Heyer newbie! Hehe. Anyway, to answer your question, the first Heyer book that I read was 'Cotillion' and I really enjoyed it! It's really funny and it has a very unconventional hero. He's the sort of guy who would usually be the romance hero's best friend/sidekick. But my favourite Heyer book that I've read so far is 'Venetia'. It's really funny as well but I also found it hugely romantic and touching and I loved the characters. And there's an audio book recording of it with Richard Armitage reading it! That's how I "read" it. It was abridged sadly but I'm taking the unabridged paperback version with me when I go on holiday at the end of the month. So, yeah, either of those would be your best bet I think although 'Arabella' and 'Frederica' are also great. I hope you don't mind this long response!

Lianne @ said...

I want to say I may have gotten through almost half of Georgette Heyer's novels, but I probably have just read about a third of them. Love her books though!

Awesome bucket list ;)

Hannah said...

Liane - Yes she wrote so many! But that's so nice though. We can bask in the knowledge that it's going to take us years to get through them all :)

Aw, thank you! I still stand by most of this list but now I wish I'd put "Watch all of the 6 Peter Jackson Middle-earth movies in 6 days" in there somewhere. Feel free to do the tag yourself if you want!