Friday, 28 November 2014

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailer

*excitementintensifies* The lightsaber! The Millennium Falcon! And Benedict Cumberbatch is clearly doing that voiceover! :D I'm praying so hard that this film won't be like the dreadful prequels. 


Ruby Danderfluff said...

Why is no one else talking about the voice-over? Is it NOT Benedict Cumberbatch?

Not too sure about the new light saber design, what with the laser cross-guard and all. I always thought the clean lines of the saber were what made it unique... But I guess there could be more to the new saber's story. And it's just so good to see a light saber period. =D

Dat Aerial shot. Oh ma. Gotta love the twists and turns. I wonder if they're pulling for a 3D release?

I'm just too excited that Andy Serkis is somehow part of the cast!!

Seems like a long way away, but time flies. Can't wait!

samara said...


Also... just found out that Imitation Game doesn't get its wide release here in the US till Christmas Day!! :(

Sarah said...

It did sound a lot like Cumberbatch didn't it, but I found that it is actually Andy Serkis. Which is still very cool. :D This looks so great, I'm sure it won't be even close to the prequels!! :D :D

Hannah said...

It IS Benedict! I'm sure it is!

The new lightsaber is definitely interesting. It looks more... ancient I think. And more violent.

Oh I know! I hate 3D movies - I think they're a complete waste of money - but even I would consider seeing this movie in 3D with aerial shots like that!


That's a shame about TIG. I wonder why they're doing it. Maybe they think it will do better at the Oscars if it's released later?

No offence but I'm going to take that with a pinch of salt until I see the movie :) I know Andy Serkis is a great voice actor but that voice sounds so much like Benedict's Smaug voice!

Sarah said...

Oh I don't blame you for that! :D I was about ready to believe it too, even though wasn't cast in the film, because it would be awesome, but this article cleared it up for me:

There's a comparison clip from the Star Wars and Star Trek trailers, and they later added a video of Serkis confirming it's him.

Hannah said...

Sarah - Oh you killjoy, you! JK, I'm still incredibly excited about the movie and I'm still hoping that BC will have a cameo or voice another CGI character or something :)