Tuesday, 11 November 2014

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies Trailer

Wow, I wasn't expecting that! I was expecting something epic and exciting but I'm really surprised at the honesty and emotion of this trailer! It's making no attempt whatsoever to hide the fact that this film will be full of death and tragedy, and there are some really lovely character moments and dialogue. I mean, take this moment here. Talk about getting hit right in the feels! :'(

I'll be seeing Interstellar, The Imitation Game, Mockingjay and a filmed screening of The Crucible before this year is out - and I'm looking forward to them - but my anticipation for these things is nothing compared to the level of anticipation that I have for this film. I am beyond excited! The things that I'm most looking forward to seeing in this movie are (in no particular order):
  • Smaug's death
  • The White Council showing up at Dol Guldur, rescuing Gandalf, and defeating the Necromancer. I'm really hoping that we'll get to see Galadriel and Saruman kicking some ass!
  • Thorin's madness over the Arkenstone and his reconciliation with Bilbo. I'm sure that Richard Armitage is going to be amazing in these scenes.
  • Thranduil. I freakin' loved Thranduil in Desolation of Smaug and I'm really excited at the thought of seeing his character get developed further. 
  • The Battle of the Five Armies itself
  • The ending. Actually I have deeply mixed feelings about this. It's going to be such a bittersweet moment. That will be it. There won't be any more Middle-earth goodness to look forward to any more :( I'm hoping that they'll bring it full circle and have the film end with Bilbo's 111st birthday party in the future. 


Sarah said...

Oh man, this is gonna be so terrible... and so wonderful... I don't want all those things that happen at the end to happen! I never minded so much in the book because the characters aren't developed very much... but now...

#1 thing I 'm looking forward too is hands down Smaug's death. Looking forward to all the other things you mentioned as well, except the White Council bit, I'm neutral on that. That's a good idea on how to end it! I'd like that too.

Hannah said...

Mmm hmm! I'll be bringing the tissues for this one! I was reading Thorin's last few lines in The Hobbit earlier today. I've always found them touching but I guess I, I don't know, feel more of a connection to Thorin now? Because I found those lines far more sad and beautiful than before :'(