Thursday, 15 January 2015

The Jukebox Post

Some songs that I loved from 2014 :)

BBC Music - God Only Knows
To celebrate the launch of BBC Music, the BBC did a terrific cover of The Beach Boys' God Only Knows. The video is beautiful too.

George Ezra - Budapest
I love George Ezra's voice. Right from his very first note I knew I was going to love this song.

George Ezra - Listen to the Man
Another George Ezra song. This one gets bonus points for its Ian McKellen cameo appearance :)

Clean Bandit (featuring Jess Glynne) - Rather Be
I love this song and I love that the video was filmed in Japan. It gives me major wanderlust!

Ben Howard - Conrad
Is Ben Howard even capable of doing a song that isn't hauntingly beautiful?

Sia - Diamonds (Demo)
Rihanna's Diamonds was written by Sia and I finally got to hear Sia's demo of the song this year. It's so much better than the Rihanna version! It's far more emotional and raw, not to mention that Sia is the much better singer. I actually think that Diamonds features one of Rihanna's better vocal performances but when you compare her version to Sia's, well, there's no competition!

Paloma Faith - Only Love Can Hurt Like This
Paloma Faith is massively underrated. She has such a great voice!

OneRepublic - Love Runs Out
I already mentioned this song in a post earlier in the year and of course I had to mention it again in this one. I can't listen to this one without wanting to dance, Ryan Tedder's voice is great, the lyrics are are great, and the video is gorgeous. I love how eye-catching and artistic it is!

Lorde - Yellow Flicker Beat
This one was recorded for Mockingjay: Part One. The lyrics fit the film so well - and it's a great song! It certainly makes me want to take part in a revolution!

Bastille - Sleepsong
This song came out two years ago but I'm including it it in this post because I didn't get to hear it until this year. I love almost all of the songs off Bastille's album but there's something very haunting about this one.

Billy Boyd - The Last Goodbye
Asking Billy Boyd to write and sing the song for the final Hobbit film was such a touching thing to do. Thank you, Peter Jackson! And the song itself is just lovely :)


Hamlette said...

Your post about "When the Love Runs Out" earlier last year made me a fan :-) I smile whenever I hear it, and got a friend of mine to like it too.

And "The Last Goodbye" is now one of my favorite songs ever. Perfect.

Hannah said...

Wow, really?! Yay! The Last Goodbye is actually a cover. The original is by Jeff Buckley who is one of my favourite singers EVER!

Hamlette said...

Wait, really? It wasn't written for the movie?

Hannah said...

Ah, got it! *laughs* Sorry, Onerepublic did a cover of a Jeff Buckley song which is called Last Goodbye and because you were talking about Onerepublic my mind jumped to that cover and I completely forgot about the Billy Boyd song! We both got confused for a moment didn't we?! :D But, yes, I love the Billy Boyd song as well!