Thursday, 12 February 2015

Five of My Favourite Romantic Films

Valentine's Day is coming up and to mark the occasion I thought I'd talk about five of my favourite romantic films. Maybe you're like me and hate Valentine's Day but the occasion did give me an excellent excuse to talk about some of my favourite things :) 

The Young Victoria (2008)
This film dramatises the early reign of Queen Victoria and it mostly focuses on her courtship with Prince Albert. This film is incredibly romantic and beautiful. Emily Blunt and Rupert Friend have a terrific chemistry between them and the supporting cast is superb. The film is mostly historically accurate but Emily Blunt and Rupert Friend are much more attractive than the real-life Victoria and Albert were, and the film fudges some facts in order to make the ending more dramatic and romantic. I'm a real stickler for historical accuracy but I loved this film so much that I didn't mind the changes at all! Rating: PG

Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (2008)
This film is an adaptation of the book of the same name. The story is both a comedy-of-manners and an update on the Cinderella fairytale and it's set in London just before the start of WWII. It's a truly delightful and heart-warming film. I loved both the book and the film but I actually loved the film slightly more. I found the film more romantic than the book and whereas the book is set in 1938 the screenwriters chose to set the story a year later so they could incorporate the looming threat of WWII. It gives the film a little bit more substance than the book.  Rating: PG

Northanger Abbey (2007)
I felt I should include at least one Jane Austen adaptation on my list and in the end I went for this one because the story is so underrated. Northanger Abbey is one of Jane Austen's lesser-known works but it's actually one of my favourites out of her novels. It's hilarious and adorable and Henry Tilney is by far my favourite Austen hero. I'd take him over Mr Darcy any day! The 2007 ITV film adaptation of the book isn't perfect but it's still a very fun film and the three leads - JJ Feild and a pre-Hollywood Felicity Jones and Carey Mulligan - are delightful. Rating: PG

Amelie (2001)
Amelie is truly magical. The soundtrack is beautiful and the story is quirky and charming with a touch of magical realism. The film has stunning location shots of Paris and I love that the story involves the characters going on treasure hunts around the city. Rating: 15

A Very Long Engagement (2004)
This film re-unites Amelie director Jean-Pierre Jeunet with that film's leading actress Audrey Tautou. It also stars Marion Cotillard who's since gone on to become a big star. A Very Long Engagement has a darker and more serious tone than Amelie but it's still a beautiful and moving film. It's based on a book that I have yet to read. I really ought to get round to it. Rating: 15


Hayden said...

Yay! another Northanger Abbey fan. I agree, Henry Tilney is my favorite Jane Austen hero...well, at least half the time. I have a very hard time choosing between he and Mr. Knightley. ;)

Hannah said...

Knightley's lovely but Henry is lovely too and he's funnier than Knightley. Well, I think he's funnier! You might disagree! :D

BanrĂ­on An Gheimhridh said...

I love Northanger Abbey and The Young Victoria! Especially The Young Victoria. It's such a good movie.

Lianne @ said...

Looooooove all of the movies you listed here! I especially love the fact that your list is pretty close to one I made two years ago (this post) with the exception of Northanger Abbey (though had I gone on with the list, I'm sure I would've added it--love that adaptation!) :) Methinks I might pop in one of these movies over the weekend xD

Lianne @ said...

Forgot to mention, I hope you enjoy the book when you get to it! It's only of my favourites, love the depth and the writing <3

samara said...

I've seen the first 3 and give them a resounding YES!!

Is it horrible that I'm a sucker for tragic romantic tales? Because, it may not be the best for Valentine's Day, but Bright Star is one of the most romantic films I've ever seen. I <3 it so much! (Even though I can only probably watch it about once a year.

I also have to give a shout out to It Happened One Night - the romantic comedy par excellence! And Leap Year - cheesy? predictable? yes. BUT ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!

Hamlette said...

I love Northanger Abbey, and I liked Amelie quite well. Haven't seen the others, but you know MPLFAD is on my to-watch list :-)

Sarah said...

Nice list Hannah! I've seen three out of five. The Young Victoria is great, I adore Emily Blunt! Miss Pettigrew I watched on your recommendation, and discovered that I had seen it before a long time ago and forgotten! I must have liked it a lot more this time because I definitely won't forget it again. Northanger Abbey is definitely one of my favorites, and it's one of my favorite Austen's for romance. It's so cute. :D The last two I haven't seen, but I think I've heard of Amelie. I'll have to look into them!