Friday, 3 July 2015

Ask Me Anything!

My memory must be better than I think! I was literally just having a look at some posts in my draft box when I thought "Hey, didn't I do an "Ask Me Anything" event around this time last year? So I had a look through my posts and - much to my surprise! - discovered that on this very same day in 2014 I made my "Ask Me Anything" request post

I had so much fun answering the questions that I received last year that I'd love to do it again this year :) So, yes, feel free to ask me things! The questions don't have to be related to anything that I usually blog about and I'm willing to answer pretty much anything, just as long as they aren't really personal things like "What's your phone number?" Not that I'm actually expecting anyone to ask me things like that! Leave me some questions in the comment box below and I'll do my best to answer them all. I'm aiming to put up my answer post in a fortnight.


Miss Evelyn said...

Ooooh goody! =D Let's have a think I will pobably be back soon with more but here are three
~What is the most unusual thing you have ever heard about Australia?
~Would you consider travelling to our country? (not intended to be creepy I'm just curious :))
~If the Doctor came up to you and said "I'm looking for an assistant" which doctor would it be, whould you say yes? and where do you want to go first?


Hamlette said...

Which Jane Austen character do you wish you were more like?

What are some shows/movies you would like to see crossovers of (imagining that you had the power to make this possible)?

If they made a new (actually good) adaptation of Mansfield Park, who do you think they should cast in it?

Are there any musicals you greatly dislike? If so, what are they?