Friday, 17 July 2015

The Answer Post!

The above is a completely random picture. I found it online and I thought it was pretty :) And now I'll get right down to answering the questions that I was asked!

Miss Evelyn of The Wonder of History and Letters from Avonlea asked:

What is the most unusual thing you have ever heard about Australia?
I was really struggling to think of an answer for this question but then just a few days ago I found out that an episode of Peppa Pig was banned in your country. I thought that was sufficiently unusual! It was banned for a very good reason actually. The moral of the episode was that kids shouldn't be afraid of spiders but since Australia has some of the deadliest spiders in the world the network decided that showing the episode might not be such a very good idea!

Would you consider travelling to our country?
YES! I'd love to do a big trip to Australia and New Zealand some day! Some places that I want to see in Australia are...


Cape Tribulation near Cairns

The Whitsunday Islands

Ever been to any of those places, Evie? :)

If the Doctor came up to you and said "I'm looking for an assistant" which doctor would it be, would you say yes, and where do you want to go first?
Well first of all I have to say that I love every single incarnation of the Doctor that I've seen and that I would gladly travel with whichever Doctor asked me but if I really had to choose then I'd go with Eleven because even though I was initially sceptical about him he did eventually become the Doctor of my heart :) And if I travelled with him then there would potentially be the massive added bonus of getting to meet Amy, Rory and River! :) So that's the first part of the question out the way. Secondly, yes, I would became an assistant because I know I'd always regret it if I didn't.

On a more serious note I'd want to make Victorian Haworth my first destination so that the Doctor and I could try to save the Bronte siblings. Their deaths are almost unbelievably tragic. Anne Bronte was only 29 when she died and she'd just spent two months watching her sister Emily die and refuse all medical help until it was too late. And her sister Charlotte was against the subject matter of The Tenant of Wildfell Hall as were much of the Victorian public. Then Anne found out that she was terminally ill and died and Charlotte (who loved Anne and meant well but had always under-estimated her talent) later tried to lessen the impact of her work. And then you have Emily dying in horrible pain at the age of 30 and Charlotte dying in childbirth when she'd only been married for a few months. Her poor husband! And Patrick Bronte as well! Living to see his wife, his six children and his unborn grandchild all die before him! :'(

As a Christian I obviously believe that the Brontes went to a better place and I do believe that everything happens for a reason but if I met the Doctor then that would be for a reason too :)

The Bronte Parsonage Museum

Hamlette of Hamlette's Soliloquy, The Edge of The Precipice and We Cook Too Much asked:

Which Jane Austen character do you wish you were more like?
As much as I love Elizabeth Bennet and Henry Tilney I'm going to have to go with Anne Elliot from Persuasion for this one because I'd love to be as patient and practical as she is! Persuasion and Pride and Prejudice are my joint favourite Austen books and there's so much that I love about Anne. In my opinion she's every bit as romantic and sensitive as Marianne Dashwood but she has none of that character's silliness. She has a wry sense of humour. She's quiet and reserved but she can definitely speak her mind and fight her corner. She's intelligent, mature and thoughtful. She's an excellent judge of character. And she knows her Romantic poetry and Italian - yet another reason why I'd like to be more like Anne!

Anne Elliot and Wentworth by Madmonalisa

What are some shows/movies you would like to see crossovers of (imagining that you had the power to make this possible)?
It's funny you should ask this because it was announced this very day that there's going to be a couple of crossovers between Bones and Sleepy Hollow! Why they're doing it I really can't fathom because Sleepy Hollow is an urban fantasy show and Bones is a more realistic police procedural. It will be interesting to say the least!

I can't really think of any crossovers that I'd want and would actually make sense I'm afraid, but I used to really wish that The Simpsons would do a crossover with Buffy the Vampire SlayerThe Simpsons' crossover with The X-Files is HILARIOUS but then that was back when The Simpsons was still funny.

The whale's noises make me giggle every single time!

Have you got any good ideas for some fun crossovers, Hamlette?

If they made a new (actually good) adaptation of Mansfield Park, who do you think they should cast in it?
I don't think I could give you a full cast but if a new period drama of the book ever got made I'd love to see Game of Thrones' Sophie Turner play Fanny and for Judi Dench to play Mrs Norris. I'd also want Hayley Atwell to reprise her role as Mary Crawford because even though I'm not a fan of the ITV 2007 version by any means I loved her performance as Mary. But that probably wouldn't happen though so I think I'd like either Alicia Vikander or Gemma Arterton to play Mary.

This seems like a good time to mention that I'm watching a new modern-day web series adaptation of Mansfield Park called From Mansfield with Love which has been brilliant so far and infinitely better than the 1999 and 2007 adaptations! In this version Fanny (Frankie in the web series) is a "glorified maid" and Mansfield Park is a family-run country hotel. I've been really loving this web series so far! It's made me appreciate the book so much more and I think I might actually prefer it to the book to be honest! Heresy, I know. I find the web series a lot funnier than the book though and I like the fact that the Bertrams aren't as annoying in it. They're still fairly dismissive of Fanny/Frankie at times but they aren't as downright cruel to her in this version and Mr Rushworth (Rory) in particular is really quite hilarious :D Frankie is very likeable and funny but is still recognisable as the Fanny of the book and the writers have made some superb modernisations to the story e.g. The Lover's Vow play is turned into a slightly raunchy amateur film and the trip to Sotherton is turned into a trip to Brighton. The acting has been terrific too. I would highly recommend this adaptation and the full playlist is here for anyone who wants to watch it.

Are there any musicals you greatly dislike? If so, what are they?
Oh gosh, yes! Mamma Mia, the High School Musical films, Hair, Chicago, Nine, Love Never Dies and Grease (the ending's awful!) There might be a few others that I can't stand but if so I've managed to repress them.

And that's the end of the post! Thank you Evelyn and Hamlette!


Hamlette said...

I've actually written a couple crossovers of my 2 favorite shows, Combat! and Angel (remember that WWII-based ep, "Why We Fight"?) I started to write an Avengers/C! crossover too, but it didn't quite work. I'd like to try it again though, and have Captain America meet up with the C! guys.

I'd love a Castle/Bones crossover because I think Bones and Castle would find each other annoying, and Beckett and Booth would bond over "we spend our lives dealing with these crazy people we love."

Hannah said...

That's so cool although I'm going to have to show my ignorance and say that I don't really know anything about 'Combat'! I don't think it's very well known over here in Britain... I've gathered that it's a war show though. Is it anything like M.A.S.H?

I would have loved for 'Angel' and 'Buffy' to have had a few more crossover episodes. I reckon that Fred and Giles would have gotten on really well and I'd have liked for Xander and Gunn to have met.

Hamlette said...

Combat! isn't particularly well-known anywhere. It ran from 1962-67, and it's about American GIs in France during WWII. Not a lot like MASH except that they both show how horrible war can be and the sorts of trauma soldiers endure. C! is an hour long, and a drama. Most (all?) of the eps are on YouTube, so if you ever want a taste, I can recommend some good ones to start with.

I would have liked more BTVS/A crossovers too. Especially ones like "The Harsh Light of Day" and "In the Dark," where they continue a story across both.

Reading in the Dark said...

Yes to crossovers between Buffy and Angel! Oh man, Fred! My heart aches thinking back on everything with her. A crossover between Sleepy Hollow and Bones sounds a little strange, but I've never actually watched Sleepy Hollow. Could be interesting. And I love the picture of Anne and Wentworth! Beautiful! I'll have to follow that artist.