Saturday, 26 September 2015

A Tolkien Blog Party of Special Magnificence (2015)

My blogger friend Hamlette is hosting her annual Tolkien Party of Special Magnificence. After taking part in this event for the last three years I've even started to associate it with September! Do click on the above link to read everyone's answers to Hamlette's questions. You can also play some games and take part in a giveaway to win some Tolkien-y prizes. And now for my answers to the tag questions:

1.  What draws you to Tolkien's stories?  (The characters, the quests, the themes, the worlds, etc.)
Everything! Their epic scope and sheer wonder. Tolkien's beautiful writing. The worldbuilding. The characters. The action and adventure. The themes of love, bravery, hope, sacrifice and compassion. I even love all of the poetry and songs!

2.  What was the first Middle Earth book you read and/or movie you saw?  What did you think of it?
The first book I read was The Hobbit and the first film I saw was The Fellowship of the Ring. I loved them both :)

3.  Name three of your favourite characters and tell us why you like them.
I think Aragorn, Faramir and Eowyn are probably my top three Middle-earth characters. I've talked about their characters before in the previous years that I've done this blog event (if you want to click on the tag) so I won't add to anything that I've already written.

4.  Are there any secondary characters you think deserve more attention?
Eomer is a very underrated character! He's a deeply protective and loving brother and nephew and he's fiercely devoted to Rohan. I also love his argument with Gimli over Galadriel! Frodo tends to get a bad rap as well and it makes me really sad :( Frodo might not be my favourite Middle-earth character but I still have a huge amount of love and respect for him.

5.  What Middle Earth character do you relate to the most?
I honestly don't know because I can see aspects of myself in quite a few of the characters. There isn't really one single Middle-earth character that has me thinking "Oh wow, this character is just like me!"

6.  If you could ask Professor Tolkien one Middle Earth-related question, what would you like to ask him?
Tolkien and I both come from Birmingham - which makes me very proud! - so I would looove to ask him about what it was like to grow up in the city during his time and how his childhood shaped his writing. 

Hall Green, Birmingham

7.  Are there any pieces of Middle Earth merchandise you would particularly like to own, but don't?
A fridge magnet from the Hobbiton gift shop in New Zealand! Some day I'll go there, some day...

8.  What battle would you absolutely not want to be part of?
I'm not sure but I know I'd be absolutely useless in any kind of battle. Physically I've always been an exceptionally weak and puny individual! :D

9.  Would you rather eat a meal at Rivendell or Bag End?
Rivendell. I'm sure the Hobbits can cook up an excellent meal but I bet elvish food would be absolutely extraordinary and accompanied by amazing wine. 

10.  List up to ten of your favourite lines/quotes from the books or movies.


Miss Evelyn said...

Love love love this post and tag! I might have to add it to the end of my Dr Who Tag one =d Gosh I have a lot to catch up on!
NO WAY! Birmingham! That's like one of my places I'd love to visit in England! It's SO lovely! xD

Hamlette said...

How cool that you are from the same place as Tolkien! My only such claim to fame is that Jesse James robbed his first train not far from where I was born. Not nearly as cool.

I'm excited that you love the poetry and songs, because that means at least one person will enjoy today's game, namely you :-) It's all about poetry, and I have a feeling a lot of people are going to be like, "But I skim that stuff! I don't know any of these."

NZ is on my bucket list too. Cowboy and I are thinking of trying to get there for our silver wedding anniversary, which would be in 12 years and all our kids would be old enough to enjoy it. Plus that gives us a long time to save up for it.

Thanks for joining the party once again! :-)

Olivia said...

Awesome! Faramir and √Čomer, yes indeed:D It's so cool that you come from the same place as Tolkien!

(Oh, and I'm a non-denominational INFJ, too! So cool to meet another book/movie/musicals fan!)

Lianne @ said...

Fun questionnaire! Have we talked about Eomer at any point before? Because he's my favourite character lol for all the reasons you mentioned <333 :)

Love that use of that screencap of Minas Tirith; one of my favourite shots of the city from the movie :) And lovely choice of quotes too!