Saturday, 28 November 2015

'Fairest' by Marissa Meyer (2015)

Synopsis: Fairest is the prequel to The Lunar Chronicles. The story is set on the Moon (now called "Luna") and takes place about twenty years before the start of the first book, when Queen Levana is only 15 years old and is still a princess. Both of Princess Levana's parents have been recently assassinated and her older sister Channary is now about to take the throne. Levana is bitterly resentful about this as she's much more intelligent and politically engaged than her cruel and spiteful older sister, who cares more about making sexual conquests than ruling. Levana is also extremely lonely and has developed an intense infatuation with a kind and handsome Royal guard called Evret Hayle. Levana becomes determined to have Evret for herself even though he's ten years older than her and is deeply in love with his beautiful, pregnant wife Solstice...

I'll keep this short. I've enjoyed the previous books in The Lunar Chronicles but this book was a huge disappointment. It adds very little to the series and could have been quite easily edited down into a short story and put on Marissa Meyer's Wattpad page. The book tells us practically nothing about the Moon's history and culture and (although we do get to learn more about her relationships with Cinder's mother and Winter's father) tells us very little about Levana that we didn't already know. This book certainly didn't need to be over 200 pages long and I feel annoyed that I had to spend as much time cringing over Levana and Channary's behaviour as I did :(

The only two things that I liked about Fairest were: 1) the brief glimpses that we got of Cinder, Winter and Jacin and 2) the fact that Meyer doesn't try to excuse Levana's behaviour in it. Yes, terrible things were done to Levana but that still doesn't excuse all of the terrible things that she then went on to do to other people. She's still an unrepentant murderer and rapist who deserves to be punished for everything that she's done.

Rating: 2/5

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