Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Top Ten Tuesday

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Today's Topic: Ten Books on My Spring TBR List

I wasn't sure whether to do today's topic since I'm still working my way through the books on the Winter TBR List that I posted back in January. So far I've only managed to finish three of the books on that list although I feel I should point out that one of those books was over 650 pages long and the book that I'm currently reading (and have almost finished) is about the same length. But then I thought "Well, really it would be no different to buying books when you've already got unread books at home and you do that all the time anyway!" So you see I had to do a post for today, for authenticity! :D

So... here's a list of yet more books that I want to read soon. I am still fully determined to read all of the books from my previous list but you might see me starting to mix it up a bit over the next few months: a review from a book that was on the Winter list, then a book from the Spring list, etc, etc.

1. Kim by Rudyard Kipling. Kim is on my Classics Club list and is set in colonial India. I've developed a bit of a fascination with India in recent years so I'm really looking forward to the book's choice of setting and also because I've heard such wonderful things about the story.

2. The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson. This is the second novel in the high fantasy Mistborn series. I loved the first Mistborn novel (review) so I'm really looking forward to this one!

3. This is Where I Leave You by Jonathan Tropper. I'll be going somewhat out of my comfort zone with these next two books since they're both general adult contemporary novels and I hardly ever read those. Readers who visit my blog regularly may have noticed that I tend to read a lot of literary classics and that when I do read modern novels that they're mainly genre fiction (fantasy, historical, etc). A contemporary novel will need to have a super-interesting sounding plot for me to consider reading it. Anyway I found out about this particular book after seeing the trailer for the adaptation (which stars Adam Driver and Tina Fey) and thinking that it looked like such a hilarious and fun film :)

4. Attachments by Rainbow Rowell. This author has written novels for both adults and teenagers and I've been hearing wonderful things about all of her books for a while now. The problem is that I've heard such great things about them all that I haven't known which book to start with which I guess is a pretty nice problem to have! In the end I just decided to go with Rowell's debut novel which is, yeah, Attachments

5. The Foundling by Georgette Heyer. I bought Heyer's False Colours and The Foundling a while ago but only got round to reading False Colours fairly recently which I sadly found disappointing. Heyer's books do tend to be very hit-and-miss for me though so hopefully The Foundling will turn out to be another one of those hits.

6. Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde. The second novel in the genre-defying Thursday Next series. I absolutely loved the first book in the series and it was one of my favourite books from last year (review) so this is another title that I'm really looking forward to :)

7. A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens (re-read). I've been meaning to re-read this book for years! A Tale of Two Cities isn't without its flaws - it's quite slow-moving at the start and both Charles Darnay and Lucie Manette's characters are dreadfully insipid - but it has a truly wonderful story and Sydney Carton is one of the very best anti-heroes ever written.  

8. Eugene Onegin by Alexander Pushkin. Another book on my Classics Club list. Eugene Onegin is an epic poem or a "novel in verse" and is a hugely important and influential text in Russian literature. Partly because of its themes and innovative rhyme structure but also because at the time the book was written it was actually French which was the primary language of Russian aristocrats (many of whom could barely speak their own native "peasant" language).

Since I still have quite a few unread books from my previous list I'm going to end this post here with just eight books. So, what about you? Have you read any of these books or do you want to read any of them? What books will you be reading this Spring? :)


Lianne @ eclectictales.com said...

Yay for The Well of Ascension, Attachments, This Is Where I Leave You, and Yevgeny Onegin! All wonderful reads, I hope you enjoy them! I haven't read Georgette Heyer's The Foundling--it's one of the few of her Regency novels that I haven't read. Sorry to hear you didn't enjoy False Colours; not one of her best, but I thought it was cute/entertaining enough lol. Also, I've been meaning to revisit A Tale of Two Cities for a long while as well. We'll see. Happy reading!


Carrie said...

I loved Attachments - it's such a fun book :) My TTT

Hamlette said...

I really enjoyed Kim, and Lost in a Good Book is delightful!

Hannah said...

Lianne - Thanks! I'm already reading 'This is Where I Leave You' at the moment and I'm about halfway through! :)

I'll make sure to review 'The Foundling' then since it's one of the Heyers that you haven't managed to read for yourself just yet. 'False Colours' was... well I didn't think it was awful but I just found the story pretty dull and not all that interesting. I think Heyer could have gotten far more tension and humour out of the whole situation. Oh well, happy reading to you too!

Carrie - Thanks, I'm looking forward to it! One of my best friends is a huge fan of Rainbow Rowell :)

Hamlette - I thought you might have read Kim! The main character of that book makes an appearance in the Mary Russell series, right? And yes, I am very much looking forward to 'Lost in a Good Book' :)

Hamlette said...

Yup, he does, which is just cool :-) He's in "The Game," which is one of my favorite Mary Russell books.