Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Top Ten Tuesday

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Today's Topic: Ten Three Books I Feel Differently About After Time Has Passed (less love, more love, complicated feelings, indifference, thought it was great in a genre until you became more well read in that genre etc.)

1. A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin. This is a series that I now feel considerably less love for. Like a lot of people out there I started reading this series after getting sucked into its TV adaptation Game of Thrones and at first I enjoyed the series very much. The first three books in this series are pretty great. However the last two books in the series were extremely tedious reads for me: the snail-like pacing and lack of any real plot progression bored me beyond belief, I didn't care for any of the new characters (the Greyjoys, the Martells), and previous characters in the series that I used to love (Daenerys, Tyrion) frustrated me beyond belief. At first I thought I'd just stick with the TV show for a while but the rape of Sansa Stark and Shireen Baratheon's character getting burned at the stake last season were massive deal breakers for me. So I've given up on both ASoIaF and GoT now and I haven't found them myself missing them at all. I don't even feel any bitterness or anger towards them like I have with other series that I feel have got worse over time (e.g. the TV shows Heroes and Sleepy Hollow). If anything I feel relieved that I'm done with them and that a weight's been lifted off my shoulders! :D

2. Mansfield Park by Jane Austen. Mansfield Park was my least favourite Jane Austen novel for many years. It took three readings and the web series adaptation From Mansfield with Love for me to appreciate this book as much as I do now! During my first two readings of this book I struggled with it quite a bit due to my great dislike of most of its characters but now my feelings on the book have changed somewhat. Mansfield Park certainly isn't Austen's most entertaining or engaging novel I think - it's definitely not as fun and delightful as Pride and Prejudice and Northanger Abbey or as romantic and moving as Persuasion - and the Bertrams still frustrate me at times. And yet this book has rich themes, is deeply thought-provoking, and is full of drama. The Crawford siblings are two of Austen's most fascinating and complex characters - certainly the most morally ambiguous I think - and although Fanny Price is by no means my favourite Austen heroine I've always pitied her and have felt that her character really doesn't deserve all of the hate that she gets. In fact if only Edmund Bertram were a more likeable hero I don't think I'd have the slightest hesitation in naming Mansfield Park as one of my Austen favourites!

3. Room by Emma Donoghue. Room isn't actually a book that I've read yet but it's on the list because it's gone from being a book that I thought I'd never read at all into one that I probably will. I first found out about Room about three years ago and I was immediately turned off by its subject matter: about a young woman and her son being imprisoned by a Josef Fritzl-like captor. It sounded too horrifying and disturbing, too much like misery lit. I only changed my mind about this book when my brother saw the film adaptation and insisted that there weren't any rape scenes on screen and that he thought I'd enjoy it. So I watched the film for myself and he was right. Yes, it was upsetting at times but I was deeply moved by Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay's stunning performances and the love between their characters and I felt that the film ended on an uplifting, hopeful note - which is why I now want to read the book :)

I don't often change my mind about books which is why there's only three on the list this week. So, what books have you changed your mind about? :)


Brona Joy said...

I should have added Mansfield Park to my list too - it is now one of my favourite Austen's too :-)

Giovanna said...

Room is a book I've been wanting to read for a while now, but after watching and loving the film, I kind of lost my need to read it...It's sad to admit that, but hopefully I will change my mind sooner or later! Great Top Ten! :D
My Top Ten Tuesday!

Lianne @ eclectictales.com said...

Great list! Mansfield Park is definitely book that I've changed my mind over in the last few years--now I can't seem to stop talking about it, lol.

A Dance with Dragons meanwhile is definitely a book that has sort of diminished in standing for me over time. The initial hype I suppose in getting the second half of the story was probably why I rated it higher, but over time it just doesn't hold up: it was only Bran's story that really kept me going but alas, Tyrion's was disappointing and really nothing happened other than shuffling characters around the continents.

Michaela Szczepanski said...

I completely agree about Dance w Dragons. On the whole the changes made in GoT I thought were for the better (massively) but the Sansa storyline was unnecessary and grim to say the least. But I've never truly realised that I could just... stop watching? Really?? I don't have to live in thrall to GoT??? Such a thing seems an impossible dream...

Hannah said...

Brona - Thanks, I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who's grown to appreciate MP much more over time!

Giovanna - Thank you! I can see how you'd feel less of an urgency to read the book now that you already know the story but hopefully you'll still get around to it at some point :)

Lianne - Thanks! And yes, I feel that MP is very much an acquired taste or a "grower novel" :)

Oh no, so you were one of those long-term fans who had to wait the full six years for ADWD?! Yikes! And yes, I think the only POV chapters that I enjoyed in that book were Jon and Bran's. For the sake of those who are still reading the books, I hope GRRM still has it in him to pull off the series well but I very much doubt it now to be honest...

Michaela - I was livid about Sansa's rape at the time! No-one deserves to be raped of course but Sansa had gone through so much already, and from the way her storyline ended in S4 they made it seem like her suffering was behind her and that now she was going to become all empowered. But no, they made her a victim all over again! Argh! And as to whether you can end your thrall to GoT? I'd just reflect on all of the other stories in your life that bring you joy and lavish all of your focus and love on them instead! Or look into new stories!