Wednesday, 30 November 2016

My Wrap-Up for the Sci-Fi Month (2016)

Hello again everyone, it's almost the end of November and the end of the Sci-Fi Month! In total I read three novels, three short stories, and a novella for this event which were all written by the authors Patrick Ness and Brandon Sanderson. I was also planning on reading and reviewing Ernest Clines's Ready Player One for this event but I didn't really have the time for that one in the end (I hope I haven't disappointed anyone!)

My posts for the Sci-Fi Month were:

Tuesday, 1st November: My Introduction to the Sci-Fi Month 2016 (post)

Friday, 4th November: Top 10 Sci-Fi Films/TV Shows That I Want to Watch (list)

Tuesday, 8th November: Top 10 Sci-Fi Books That I Want to Read (list)

Friday, 25th November: My book review of Legion by Brandon Sanderson (2012, review)

Tuesday, 29th November: My book review of Chaos Walking by Patrick Ness (2008-10, review)

Wednesday, 30th November: My Wrap-Up post

I've written this Wrap-Up post to announce that I'm finished with the Sci-Fi Month now but also because I want to give a huge thank you to Rinn and Lisa (who have done such a wonderful job in hosting!) and to everyone who commented on this blog :) I'm sorry that I haven't done a huge amount of commenting myself for this event but, over the rest of this week, I am going to be writing up responses to comments on here and I'll also be doing a lot more blog-hopping so you might still see me around. I've really enjoyed the blog-hopping that I have managed to do for this event so far though: it was wonderful to see so many people that love the Sci-Fi stories that I love and I found out about some really interesting sounding new ones (i.e. Ken Liu's The Paper Menagerie).

I loved doing this event and I'm definitely planning to take part in it again for the following year. I hope everyone else who took part really enjoyed themselves as well and I wish everyone reading this a fantastic December, Christmas and end of year!


Rinn said...

Thanks so much for taking part! :)

Greg said...

Nice wrap up. :) This really was a fun event this year and there were so many great posts- SciFi Month just keeps getting better and better!

Anonymous said...

Even I found out about so many great books and movies thanks to this event. This was my first time participating in it and it was fun.

Miss Evie said...

Oooh lovely! Sorry I haven't been around much I've been very busy! Oh I followed you from my new twitter